Unique Websites 

Showcase site, e-boutique, customised website… the development stage is crucial because it allows you to give life to a web platform whose design is said to be responsive and optimised for search engines and browsers, just like Body And Health Magazine.

During this stage, you can also add value to your web project by creating a mobile application or a web application. A mobile application is an application tool developed specifically for a mobile operating system (Android, iOS). The web app is also application software, but is hosted on a server and accessible via a web browser. No prior installation is therefore required.

SMM’s DNA is to attract fans, subscribers or followers to the company’s page through relevant content published on social networks. It then makes it possible to strengthen a company’s presence on social networks, which now bring together the vast majority of Internet users.

As for community management, it aims to unite a community of users around the brand in order to establish privileged links with it and consequently boost its visibility and notoriety. In other words, it is a powerful lever that can be used to boost its presence on social networks. Interdependent, MMS and community management are the icing on the cake of a digital strategy.